ONE price for up to THREE garage doors and openers!
THIS IS OUR FULL SERVICE TUNE-UP at a ridiculous price!

Our garage door is often used as the primary home entrance. This means it goes up and down 2-3 times every day, or on average 1,000 times every year.

Emergency garage door repairs are expensive, but they are also preventable! Annual maintenance helps extend the life of your garage door by examining different stress points and replacing smaller pieces at a regular interval. And at $57 dollars – WHY NOT?!
  • DOOR service includes tightening or replacing defective bolts and nuts, maintenance lubrication of rollers, pulleys and cables, adjustments of springs.
  • OPENER service includes adjustment of electric door openers, tightening of chain, setting limit switches and lubrication of the whole drive mechanism.
  • FREE Keypad and transmitter batteries (up to 2 batteries) if needed.
  • Checklist is reviewed with homeowner and a copy is supplied with service call receipt.