Consumer Alert Part 3: How to Spot Marketing from Garage Door Repair Scammers

Consumer Alert: How to Detect Marketing from Garage Door Repair Scammers

The third part in our four part series from the International Door Association on garage door repair scams is about identifying the marketing tactics of a scam company.

Scam companies know how susceptible consumers are to marketing, so they put a great deal of emphasis in this area.

Here are some warning signs to look out for: 

  1. Company Name

    Keep an eye out for generic or confusing names, especially ones in ads that don't match their company's website. As you may or may not know, our own company is a victim of scam companies using a similar name to latch on to our hard earned reputation. For this reason, we always encourage our customers to play close attention to the name and website of the repair company they are choosing. 

  2. Street Address

    Check the company's street address since most scam company's don't operate at a physical location. Be sure to also check the street view of the address to make sure it's not disguised to exist inside of a larger building that may not  actually be there

  3. Low Prices For Service Calls

    Scam companies know that a desperate customer is their best target. Be wary of a low upfront service visit fee meant to reel customers into much larger costs in the long run. 

  4. Look for Logos From Reputable Associations

    The International Door Association (or IDA) and IDEA  (The Institute of Door             Dealer Education and Accreditation) are both associations with the purpose of helping you identify reputable companies from others. Look for these logos on  websites to be sure:

Accredited Door Dealer







Stay tuned for more in this series as we share to keep you informed.

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