Winter Garage Door Maintenance

Winter is when we see more garage door springs break and leave homeowners’ cars trapped inside or outside the garage. Long cold spells take a toll on your door system and older springs. Winter maintenance means we can catch potential issues before you have an inconvenient breakdown.

garage door winter maintenance

A tune up can identify worn rollers and frayed cables to prevent future down time, and also allow spring tension adjustment, lubrication and force adjustments for a smoother, safer running door.

Avoid inconvenience caused by a disabled garage door. Schedule your winter garage door maintenance today. Our expert technicians will make sure that everything is in working order, and they can spot any warning signs that indicate a part may fail in the future. The Winterization Tune-Up includes the items listed below. It is one price for up to three garage doors and opener systems in your home. Before the tune-up, our service technicians will discuss any noticeably visible repair/replacement issues with you.

1. Review garage doors under a 14-point maintenance and safety inspection
2. Tighten or replace defective bolts and nuts
3. Lubricate rollers, pulleys and the whole drive mechanism on garage doors
4. Check garage door opener systems under a 12-point maintenance and safety inspection
5. Adjust electric door openers, tighten the chain and set limit switches
6. Lubricate the whole drive mechanism on opener systems
7. Up to two FREE replacement batteries for keypad or remotes - when needed.
8. Inspect the weather stripping and garage door bottom seal

Prepare for the colder weather by having your door tuned up by one of our trained garage door technicians.